Through the Realmgate Episode 6: Bag o’ Hands (with Steve Foote)

August 11, 2017

Welcome back to Through the Realmgate! In this episode we're joined by narrative legend Steve Foote as he tells us the tale of the Sultan, a mysterious character only out for personal gain. But he runs into Wretch and the Emberwrath Incursion, and all hell breaks loose.

We talk about RAW, choose Jon's hunter, and cover the Path to Glory book, and have many laughs along the way.




Time stamps:


0:00 - Intro and Month in Hobby

30:26 - Narrative with the Sulta

1:17:14 - Path to Glory Review

1:39:38 - Listener Questions and Outro








Through the Realmgate Episode 5: Paint me a Word Picture

July 14, 2017

A slightly delay with the release of this episode, but hopefully it lives up to expectation!


We cover the Coalescence event that Jon attended, and some analysis of our plans for RAW. 

Lots of laughs to be had along the way, too.







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Through the Realmgate Episode 4: #Leviathoff

May 18, 2017

Welcome to episode 4 of Through the Realmgate!


In this episode we push forward the storyline with the Gaunt Summoner Wretch and his steadily increasing list of enemies, and introduce Gathrax the Unchained, mighty Bloodthirster of the Eighth Host. 


We also cover Coalescence, RAW, and the Cult of The Third Hand. Also some 40k (but don't tell anybody! #nota40podcast)

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Through the Realmgate Episode 3: Blades of Khorne; Angry or Drunk?

April 20, 2017

Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of Through the Realmgate.

In this episode we cover the Blades of Khorne – going through the fluff, path to glory, artefacts, warscroll battalions, then moving on to how we’re bringing our own narrative to the forces of Khorne. Including a first-time fluff reading and some cool army lists.

Blood for the Blood God!


Through the Realmgate Episode 2: Phallic Towers

March 23, 2017

Welcome to the second episode of Through the Realmgate!


Today we talk about flying dwarfs, some games we played and the Jotunberg Vortex.

We also discuss the general purpose of this podcast and what we want to get out of it, and hopefully what you can get out of it too! 

For our main topic we cover the story arc of a gallant Lord Celestant and a power-hungry Gaunt Summoner. 


Through the Realmgate Episode 1: Realm Hoppers

March 15, 2017

Welcome to the first episode of Through the Realmgate - a brand new Age of Sigmar podcast. Today we cover a fantastic (spoilers) one-day event held in Margate in the UK.